Tuesday, 22 December 2015

superPATH hip replacement technique

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after learning superPath hip surgical technique from Dr Chow it is an honour and great feeling to treat patients with this awesome technique.

Ive already learnt direct anterior approach from TUM  Germany.
MIS anterolateral approach from UCSF

but learning and putting this approach to practical use was of great help to patients . i hope im able to teach some of young indian surgeons the technicalities and ease and benefits of this approach as i am the only Indian surgen practising and learnt this approach so far in Indian sub continent.

advantages of this approach includes

  • doesnt cut muscle just retracts
  • repair everything right where it is rather than stretching tissues to extreeme and and then relocating back
  • minimal bleeding

everything is fastforward:

  1. recovery is faster
  2. surgery is faster
  3. learning is faster for surgeons
  4. closure obviously is faster

im trained in all approaches but i would prefer and recommend this approach to others in view of its advantages and minimal blood loss


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

wonderful result with knee replacement

Visit my official site. patient cannot sit cross legged  after knee replacement is a common misconception  and you require a high flex knee to sit cross legged.
however this is not purely true.visit my website for more information